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My name is James Caldwell. I am a 41 year old educator, from Australia. Over the years, I have gained a Master of Education with a Technology Education Major, a Bachelor of Education and a Diploma of Teaching. I have considerable experience teaching in New Zealand, Australia, and South Korea. Such recent qualifications and experience ensures that my classroom program utilises current pedagogical practices and methods to sustain optimal student learning.

As a facilitator of learning, I strive to establish a stimulating and creative environment where students recognise their learning potential and actively work towards developing new understandings and skills. The learning goals and the learning pathways towards reaching these goals are established through clear communication and trust between all people involved.

My student‐centered learning environment recognises and promotes the importance of student cooperation and collaboration to optimise learning and results. As my students interact, they are provided with opportunities to develop new understandings, reshape or justify prior understandings and challenge the understandings of their peers.

As the facilitator of learning, I endeavour to provide encouragement, empathy, and discussion to nurture my students’ enjoyment of learning. Part of this requires me to recognise an individual student’s needs and ensuring that they are working at a level that is nurturing continuous development.

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